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About the Artist
Ronnit Barzel

Amongst my earliest memories are those that involved my love for drawing, the discovery of blending colours, and the wonderful scents of the materials I used. Art has always been my passion.

 “Art with Neshama” means Art with Soul. Art is a significant part of my soul, as is my Judaism. The name I chose for my business, part English, part Hebrew, embodies where I stand in this world and how I view it, a combination of two different worlds. Born in Israel, but having grown up in Melbourne, Australia, I made Aliyah at age 22. Not only was it a return to my birthplace, but also the continuation of my paternal pioneering lineage, which had settled in the Land of Israel seven generations earlier. Having studied Art and Graphic Design, working in advertising agencies, I proceeded to open a studio of my hand-painted homewares, followed by positions in a variety of industries. I have now orbited back to my original passion of art, design and colour, with the founding of "Art with Neshama".


"Art with Neshama" initially began with the intention of designing personalised Brachot (Blessings), and branched out to include quotes from the Torah and leading Jewish figures and growing into a large collection of modern Judaica and Israeli homeware. The idea originated from my own personal experience of always searching for original Israeli gifts for family and friends overseas and in Israel, and especially personalised gifts. I have always been an avid gifter to those near and dear to me, and today can claim to be part of a larger chain of worldwide gift-giving. I am excited to be able to add colour, Judaica/Yiddishkeit and vibrancy into homes around the world & invite you to view my collections.

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